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Shelter & Social Safety Net

Did you know?

  • At least 14 million people lost their homes due to flood devastation in Pakistan in 2010. (UN)
  • At least 913 girls and women, including 99 minors, were killed in so-called ‘honor killings’ in 2012 in Pakistan. (HRCP)
  • Pakistan is a country, where only 30 percent of the total population has access to safe drinking water.

Pakistan, ranked 141 of 182 in the United Nation’s Human Poverty Index, faces complex development challenges and is characterized by major inequalities in income and access to basic services. A high proportion of people in Pakistan live in slums and the country is facing rapid, sustained slum growth rates. A significant proportion of Pakistan’s population lack access to basic infrastructure (30% of the population has access to improved water, and only 45% to improved sanitation), suffer from ill health and illiteracy, with 60% living on less than two US dollars a day.

iCF believe that every citizen of Pakistan – regardless of belief, social status, ethnicity, gender– should be provided the basic necessities in life. When we talk about providing shelter and safety net to everyone, we specifically mean that people who have lost their homes as a result of some natural disaster, or people who suffer from some kind of disability, or the women who have become victims of injustices of the society by making decision about their lives especially in the case of marriage and divorce.

i-Care Fund America Inc. has approved reputable and well entrenched organizations working in the field of Shelter & Safety Net. These organizations include: Dar-ul-Sukoon, Rashid Memorial Welfare Organization (RMWO), Health And Nutrition Development Society (HANDS), PANAH Shelter Home, Pakistan Human Development Foundation (PHDF).

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