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Adding Value to Philanthropy

One of the main issues that i-Care aims to address through its services is the lack of trust amongst the Pakistani Diaspora, which has been identified as a major hurdle to the quantum of donations that flow into Pakistan. According to a survey of the Pakistani Diaspora in the USA conducted by the Pakistan Centre of Philanthropy:

“There is a chronic lack of trust in the civic sector in Pakistan; over 80 % of the survey respondents believe that such organizations are inefficient, as well as dishonest, over 70 % feel that they are also ineffective and inattentive to the most pressing problems in Pakistan”. The report goes further to say “Importantly, however, it is the single most critical, and possibly debilitating, challenge for the future of organized philanthropy in Pakistan”.

i-Care believes in working with the donors to meet their philanthropic goals. It also believes that the existing latent donors have a number of concerns that must be addressed in order to increase the quantum of donations that flows into Pakistan and to help alleviate the problems of the underprivileged Pakistanis.

i-Care addresses the concerns of the donors by providing:

  • A trusted and transparent channel for their donations to the NGOs on ground, which is simple, convenient and cost effective.
  • Know how about NGOs in Pakistan that are aligned to their philanthropic objectives, have effective governance, good financial controls and good delivery mechanism.
  • Tax benefits for their charitable donations in the US and Pakistan.
  • Compliance with donor advice through objective-based fund utilization.
  • Framework for addressing capacity building needs of selected fund recipient NGOs.
  • Escrow Funds for donors for the benefit of chosen NGOs.
  • Assistance to NGOs in strategic and financial planning.
  • Screening of NGOs for legal compliance and proper documentation.
  • Mentoring to NGOs for effective and efficient management of donations for maximum beneficiary
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