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Did you know?

9 million people in
Pakistan suffer some
form of hearing loss
(5% of the population).

There are an estimated 1.25 million deaf children in Pakistan, yet less than 2% attend school.

FESF’s Deaf Reach program was established in 1998 to provide academic and vocational education to deaf children and youth, particularly in rural areas with little access to formal education or vocational training, and with a focus on educational access for deaf female students.
Six Deaf Reach Schools and Training Centers presently provide academic and vocational skills training to over 1,400 deaf children and adolescents. The schools are located in Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Nawabshah, Tando-Allayar (Rashidabad) and Lahore.
The Deaf Reach program has developed an academic curriculum tailored to the needs of the Deaf, based on internationally accredited standards with a focus on technology-based approaches to education. Additionally, all students receive marketable skills training, preparing youth to successfully enter the job market. Certified vocational courses develop student capacity in such areas as IT, hardware and networking, tailoring, sewing and embroidery, cooking and nutrition, and arts and handicrafts.
Via Deaf Reach’s Employment Program deaf young adults are assisted in finding employment and becoming self-sufficient, thus aiding their families and becoming independent, contributing citizens.

Sponsorship Opportunities
Sponsor a Student – 1 year enrollment USD 688
Sponsor a Classroom – 1 year for 15 students USD 10,315
Sponsor a Primary or Secondary section – 1 year for 90 students USD 61,895
Sponsor a Complete School KG to Class 12 – 1 year for 180 students USD 123,790

Scholarship is inclusive of tuition, books and school supplies, vocational training materials, transport service, uniforms, healthy snacks, excursions, and the Parent Training Program.

Set-up is inclusive of furnishings, equipment, lights, fans, vocational materials, and visual aids.

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