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Kashf Foundation

Help a Poor Pakistani Female Entrepreneur Expand Her Business for as low as USD 275

Bring Sustainable Impact to 8,750 Poor People at USD 3.5/person


About KASHF:

Kashf Foundation was set up in 1996 as the first specialized microfinance entity for Pakistani people living below the poverty line, especially women.

Kashf Foundation has cumulatively disbursed over 2.2 million loans amounting to over US $ 285 million (May 2013). This is complemented with a range of trainings that help women entrepreneurs to effectively manage their businesses. Over 400,000 people have been trained in financial education and 40,000 have been trained in gender justice and gender empowerment (May 2013).

Kashf supported entrepreneurs are engaged in a wide array of businesses from the more traditional businesses such as embellishment work, embroidery, tailoring and stitching to the more innovative businesses such as manufacturing wigs, making party decorations, packaging spices, running recycling businesses, and setting up beauty parlors.

Kashf Foundation has access to millions of aspiring entrepreneurs, but it can only fund a fraction of them due to funding constraints. Your donations can help transform the lives of these poor families.


Support a female entrepreneur for a year and help her family of 8 improve their lives USD 275
Sponsor 5 female entrepreneurs to expand their businesses USD 1,500
Sponsor 10 female entrepreneurs to expand their businesses USD 3,000
Help Operate an Existing Branch of Kashf Foundation USD 25,000
Help Set-up & Run a New Branch of Kashf Foundation USD 30,000

Each Kashf branch serves 1,200 to 1,300 Entrepreneurs or positively impacts 8,750 lives at USD 3.5 per person per year. The branch will be established in a locality of donor’s choice and will be branded as the Kashf Foundation – DONOR NAME – Branch.

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