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Did you know that in Pakistan?

More than 45 million population lives on 1 USD per day.

More than 80 million are illiterate.

One maternal death occurs every 20 minutes.

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About HANDS:

HANDS is a registered not for profit organization in Pakistan. HANDS extends its services to 13 million population of nearly 19,182 villages and settlements in 24 Districts of Pakistan. HANDS was conceived and founded by Prof. A. Gaffar Billoo (Sitara e Imtiaz). It is certified by Pakistan Center of Philanthropy.

HANDS is working in social sector to develop the communities to meet the challenges of 21st century. Its mission is “to provide basic health services, primary education, income generation opportunities and development of institutions to empower the underprivileged communities”.



HANDS is a dream come true …..started its journey in 1979 with the efforts of a group of volunteers from the basement office of my home, now has 29 offices throughout country. This family has grown up from 4 volunteers to nearly 1600 professional staff and 100,000 volunteers, from one village of District Malir to more than 42000 villages (at Kot Addu, Dist. Muzafar Garh Punjab)


Professor Abdul Gaffar Billoo (Sitar-e-Imtiaz) Chairman HANDS


Cost of services of a MARVI worker for a year who serves 1000 people USD 1,600
Cost of training a midwife who serves 5000 people USD 2,900
Cost of conducting a complicated delivery through voucher scheme USD 250
Cost of Early Childhood development of 30 children (3-5 yrs of age) USD 3,300
Cost of adopting a 100-student primary school USD 4,400
Cost of shelter for a homeless family USD 1,600
Cost of enabling a person to establish a small business USD 270
Cost of per 100 sq. ft. development of village level infrastructure USD 300
Cost of establishing water pumps and boring facilities in villages USD 500
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